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A 35 year old lady came for a consultation to see whether I could help her current symptoms. She explained that she had been trying to have a family for 9 years and had been unsuccessful on two IVF  programs. Although she was going to continue to try and have a family she was more concerned about her present state of health. She was suffering from many food intolerances with bloating and pain, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and depression, dermatitis, sinusitis and recurrent cystitis. She also suffered migraines. This lady had severe liver congestion going back many years. I explained that when the liver stagnates, the digestion becomes impaired leading to food intolerances and allergies. This can often herald the onset of irritable bowel syndrome. There was a very deep potassium deficiency. I also explained that the liver governs the reproductive cycle and fertility and that once we took the burden off the liver and facilitated detoxification via this route she would become fertile. She was surprised and very much doubted this as she had been trying for 9 years. Within a few months she became pregnant and later gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
A 55 year old man came to see me with high blood pressure and asthma.  He had been taking medication for his asthma for over 30 years and had started medication for his blood pressure 2 years ago. Within 3 months he was able to cease both medications and has been off them since. He had an unremarkable case history suffering eczema and asthma from his mid-20s. He also suffered haemorrhoids and migraines. He had been exposed to some heavy chemicals during his working life and had smoked for 25 years. With a history of asthma and eczema we know that liver congestion was present from a young age. The chemicals would have exacerbated this picture and haemorrhoids indicate liver stagnation. Eventually the kidneys and heart will come under strain if the burden is not released. This was a truly remarkable case that he was able to give up these medications so soon after starting to detoxify.
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A 55 year old lady came to see me with a cholesterol reading of 9.3. Her GP was urging her to take medication to reduce the levels but she felt that she would prefer to manage the problem naturally with diet. She told me that she was currently suffering from osteo-arthritis, shortness of breath, indigestion and fluid retention. Her past history was unremarkable except that her brother suffered from gout and heart failure and her sister had died of breast cancer. She told me that she had suffered 4 miscarriages in the past and had later had two children, both with caesarian section with placenta previa (the placenta blocking the exit) with the first born. This told me a great deal. The hardening process had already begun many years before. Caesarian sections are required when the pelvis does not "give" or open up enough for a normal birth. With rising toxicity/acidity the tissues harden and lose their flexibility. Calcium and cholesterol deposits also occur as part of this hardening process. Her brother had gout - also a hardening picture. However, we also knew that there was high toxicity in the uterus (repeated miscarriage) which tells us that the liver was not detoxifying properly over many years. One of the main jobs of the liver is to convert cholesterol to bile acids which serves two purposes - to produce bile for liver detoxification  and to get rid of excess cholesterol. It is the liver which controls cholesterol levels. This is why liver congestion often leads to gall stones and then heart disease. In six months she had a blood cholesterol test and the levels had dropped from 9.1 to 6.2. This was still slightly at the high end but she was so pleased - added to the fact that all her other symptoms had gone.
A lady of 41 years came to see me. She was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia. She had been unable to work for 6 years. She told me that blood tests had revealed a chronic infection with Mycoplasma fermates and she had been on several courses of antibiotics over the last year but to no avail. When I took her case I found a long history of liver congestion the symptoms of which included tonsillitis and heavy, painful periods. She had picked up an infection in her late 20s while she was travelling abroad and at 33 years contracted Ross River Virus. This, she said, was the beginning of the end - she picked up every viral infection going. At 36 years she suffered chronic diarrhoea and at 37 years allergy testing revealed many foods that she was now "allergic" to. Despite going on a very restricted diet her symptoms worsened with digestive problems, diarrhoea, headaches, and increasing muscle cramping, spasm and pain. It was now very difficult for her to get out of bed with the pain and she could not use her fingers or hands for long. As in so many cases of CFS we are looking at a deep level of congestion, toxicity and nutritional deficiency. Many cases read like a catalogue of symptoms increasing  in intensity but the common thread is liver congestion, suppression of the immune system usually through anti-biotic abuse and a nutritionally deficient diet/poor digestion over many years. This situation cannot be turned around in a hurry as the body has to rebuild. I am happy to say that there were gradual improvements over the months and by six months the muscle pains had gone and she was able to use her hands for prolonged periods of time. The build-up of dampness and toxicity in the muscles due to liver congestion and digestive impairment takes many months to resolve and can only be done through strict adherence to the detoxification diet.
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A 53 year old lady who was riddled with pain, finding it difficult to get up in the morning and do basic household chores, came to see me. She had tried numerous treatments for her pain including chiropractic treatment and glucose injections for the pain in her spine. When I took her case history I found that she had been toxic and very dehydrated for many years. As a child she suffered constipation, headaches and recurrent cystitis. She did not drink much as the lavatory was outside. Later in adulthood she suffered kidney stones and by 42 menstrual cycle had become erratic. By 48 years she had a hysterectomy as she was suffering very heavy blood losses. Since then she deteriorated rapidly; she was suffering many food intolerances, her hair was falling out and the pain in her joints and muscles was increasing. By the time she came to see me she was on pain medication. This was a very dehydrated "stuck" picture with deep liver congestion. But within 2 months she was off all her medication, her energy was good and she was pain-free. This is a classical case where an impaired digestion gives rise to inflammation in the tissues. The treatment was simple and effective. Of course all her other symptoms cleared as well.
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