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Prevention is: saving "the labor of being sick."  Thomas Adams, 1618

Prevention saves you "the labor of being sick."  Thomas Adams, 1618

Get A Life: the detoxification diet made easy!

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This is a comprehensive self-help book on detoxification and healing and is applicable to all age groups, young and old alike - for those who wish to maintain the health they have, and for those who wish to reverse chronic illness. Kathryn takes you through the various topics in an easy and informative manner, and  shows you how to assess your current health status and create a program that is specific to your needs.  The practical tips on menu planning, suggested shopping list and recipes included in the book will help you over the hurdles, making your treatment a success. Most important – it is “family friendly” – so your whole family can enjoy the benefits of the diet.

 acid/alkaline balance
 Sodium/potassium balance
 Creating your program
 Liver cleansing
 Blood sugar control
 Case studies
 Interpreting your symptoms
 Assessing your health (past and present)
 Choosing your program
 Nutritional supplements – pros and cons
 Menu planning
 Shopping list

Comments from readers:
"I sat and read your book from cover to cover last night.  I don't have any background knowledge about biology, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how user friendly it was and pleased that I was able to understand a lot of the information and so begin to understand how my body works.  It's only taken me this long!  I will certainly recommend it to others."  RG Singapore

"I have purchased your book "get a life" and found it fantastic."  J A Florida USA

"The information in your book is about the best that I have seen to date and clears up many things.  I will be able to use this in my slowly developing practice." BB NSW

"I bought this book for my mum, but having read it I realise that I need to do it too!" LR, QLD

"Kathryn, I loved your book! I have been searching for a ''cure'' for my ailments for years and for the first time have found something that makes sense." Anna USA

"This is truly amazing.  My daughter has been ''getting a life'' for over 8 months now.  She told me about detox then, but I didn't really have the passion to do it.  I have been on the program for 6 days and I feel such clarity and more energy.  I am going to do the shopping and menu guide and have a go at the recipes. Thank you for sharing your experience, explaining it in an easy to understand way." KB, QLD

"As far as the detoxifying goes - Kathryn, I can'tbelieve how WELL I feel. I spring out of bed everymorning absolutely bursting with energy. I am not suffering any of the side effects associated with detoxifying too severely - no headaches, cold symptoms or diahrroea. I just feel full of vitality and ready to face the world." MH, UK

"I am continuing to promote your wonderful book as I am feeling positive changes within me.  TS, UK

"My partner and I have followed your diet in "get a life" and we have had great results. Hers especially in her quest to heal. Love your Work!!" PJ, Vic

"The detox has lifted me out of depression and I am starting to feel great - thanks for a great book - I have been surprised at how easy ithas been." JH, SA

"Thanks for the book - explains a lot in an easy to follow way." SJ, NSW

"I have enjoyed your book. I particularly value all the scientific explanation of why. This is very unusual in my experience – people tend to just tell you what to do, which does not treat you as very intelligent. The realistic way you even point out the need to have suitable food in the fridge and the three options is also very good." PP, SA

"I’ve suffered menstrual cramps for my entire life, day 2 of my cycle is just unbearable and up until now I have taken Panadol around the clock for 36 hours.  I have just had my first period without cramps this week after doing the detox for two weeks. I can't quite believe it!" RG Singapore

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The Principles of Detoxification - a double audio CD
AU$33.00 + $2.00 postage and handling (overseas $5.00 p&h)
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In these 2 hours of easy listening, Kathryn takes you through the principles of nutritional healing, gives dieatry instructions, and looks at many aspects including various therapies, supplements, vegetable juicing, water, enemas, fasting, as well as dealing with cancer. All the information contained on the CDs is additional to the information in "Get a Life - The Detoxification Diet Made Easy!"

CD 1

   Historical background (Ehret, Walker, Christopher, Jensen, Gerson)  
   The Basic Principles
   The 1st principle: high potassium/low   salt diet
   The 2nd principle: Living, organic foods
   The 3rd principle: Protein Restriction
   The 4th principle: Fat Restriction
   The 5th principle: Liver detoxification, the Coffee Enema

CD2: Questions and Answers
  Nutritional Supplements
  Vegetable Juicing and Juicers
  Food combining
  Weight gain and loss
  Coffee enemas and colonics
  Diet management
  Other Therapies
  Cancer (30 minute talk on cancer, diet and your choices)

Comments from Listeners:
"I spent the weekend listening to your CD on detoxifying - absolutely brilliant!" JK,  Vic

"Every time I listen to your CDs I learn something new. It is staggering how much information you have packed into two discs." EJ, Qld

"I play your CDs in the car on my way to and from work. They are inspiring and keep me on track." AR, NSW

"Thank you, thank you. In your CDs you have encapsulated what it has taken me years to learn!" FB, QLD

"After listening to your CDs many of my questions have been answered. Thank you for making it easy for me - and possible."  GK, WA

"It can be difficult for me to take in complex information, but you have made it so easy in your CDs - I'm probably clearer now than my naturopath." LR, Vic

"My wife has cancer and wanted use diet as part of her treatment. You have managed to explain the whole protocol - and what's more, we understand it. You have answered all our nagging doubts. Thank you." KT, SA


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