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The articles on this web-site have been generated by the questions you have asked. So keep the questions coming - and I will do my best to keep abreast!
A variety of workshops & lectures. 
For general self-management of detoxification and practitioner
dot  Self-management programs
dot Event listing
Current articles on detoxification and healing.
dot Healing from the Bottom Up
dot Vegetable juicing and detoxification
dot Detoxing and the flagging liver
dot Managing Toxicity
dot Genetic or Epidemic?
dot Protein and Healing - part 1
dot Protein and Healing - part 2
dot Protein and Healing - part 3

Digestive Stress and How to Correct It

dot Detoxification and Chronic Degenerative Disease - a chapter preview from "Nutritional Healing: A Patient Management Manual" by Kathryn Alexander

The Gerson Therapy - A Concept of Totality - by Kathryn Alexander

 dot Liver Stress and How to Correct it - Part 1 
dot Liver Stress and How to Correct it - Part 2
 dot  Natural Health Products - Guilty Until Proven Innocent?  (Print PDF version)
 dot  High Cholesterol? Then Feast on This!
 dot  Oxidation - The Silent Inflammation
 dot  High Acidity - A Cause for Concern?

 dot  Chemicals and Cancer: Proving Toxicity - a Chemical Mine-field
 dot  Chemicals and the Risks to Fertility
 dot  Chemicals and the Hormone Sensitive Cancers
 dot  Chemicals and the Immune System
 dot  Chemicals and the Thyroid Gland
     Download PDF version of the 5 articles on Chemicals and Health
 dot  Protein and the Gerson Diet
 dot  Our Medical Culture: Superstition or Scientific Fact
 dot  The facts and myths on distilled water




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