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Detoxing is all about moving toxins, or waste products, from the cells and out of the body. Once this occurs the cells regain their vitality and regeneration begins. This can only be achieved through diet, and a very specific one at that. Remember that a healthy diet will keep a healthy person healthy but will do little to reverse the degenerative process - stronger measures need to be taken.
Three steps must happen together:
Re-hydrate the body

The body cannot eliminate toxins or nourish itself in a “dry” environment. Exclude all the drying elements which include: caffeine-containing beverages and alcohol, excess animal protein, dairy, fats (especially saturated and damaged fats), refined grains, sugar and salt. Include the moisturizing elements - foods which swell with water - they confer their moisturizing properties to your body. These include whole grains (especially brown rice), legumes (peas, beans, lentils), vegetables and fruits. Make sure you drink at least 2 litres of fluid daily (this amount includes your vegetables juices)

Reduce acidity
by increasing the vegetable content and removing salt and excess protein from the diet. Toxins, or acids accelerate the ageing and hardening process and encourage the deposition of calcium and fats in the cell membranes, soft tissues, brain and arteries reducing vitality. Vegetable juices, taken fresh with  their living nutrients and enzyme systems intact, will break down the hardened deposits, neutralise acidity and restore the alkaline buffers to the cells. Once this occurs, oxidative metabolism is restored. 
Re-instate the cell minerals for regeneration.

Toxic cells cannot take up, utilize or recycle nutrients. By re-instating potassium and restoring the alkaline buffers in the cells (high vegetable/low salt/low protein diet), the cell is purged of its acidity/ toxicity, and its metabolism is restored. A healthy nutrient balance can only be re-instated once this occurs. Remember, a toxic cell perpetuates the cycle of nutrient deficiency.


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