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One-Day Workshop Sat 13th September, 2008 Maleny, Sunshine Coast, QLD $130.00


Two-Day Workshop

Sat 23rd & Sun 24th August 2008

Maleny, Sunshine Coast, QLD





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"I gained from the course an overall picture of how Western scientific medicine, traditional Chinese   medicine and naturopathy interconnect in the area of diet and detoxification."  Dr. Neil Simmons, QLD

  "This course has given me the knowledge and understanding applicable to my own case and the confidence that I can do something to turn my health around. It's given me an holistic understanding of my health. It's a relief to know what's happening and why - and to have a plan to do something about it." Janet Dearden, QLD

  "I have gained the confidence and knowledge to keep going on with the program. I feel invigorated and have enjoyed learning from other and talking with others."  Helen Hanson, QLD

  "Thankyou for a great course. I learnt a lot and it has also motivated me somewhat and reinforced many of my thoughts about looking after the body." MJS, Adelaide  (Natural Therapist, Myofascial Release Therapy)

  "I gained a diagnosis and prescription for a nutritional treatment for my health problems. I learnt a lot about body chemistry and how beautiful and balanced our bodies are made to run and how we've managed to jigger then up so badly. I also learnt much from listening to other people's cases and treatment and their questions are excellent tools in learning. By making us assess our own cases we gained much understanding. This sums it up well -
  Tell me and I'll forget
  Show me and I may remember
  Involve me and I'll understand  (Chinese Proverb)      Chris Joy, Adelaide.

  "I gained an immense amount of knowledge about nutrition - I believed that I had a good diet before as I ate a lot of fresh fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. However, I still felt like crap most of the time. Since changing my eating habits as outlined by you I have felt heaps better and have even lost 3kgs without even trying. I also leant that you would not get enough nutrition by eating these foods alone and that juicing is essential."  Leah Sprigg, Adelaide

"Thanks very much for the course - I really enjoyed it enormously. I loved the mixture of science and nitty gritty details of practicalities, and the way it never got bogged down. You kept it moving nicely. when I received my case study and workbook, I seriously wondered it I was ready for what would be involved. But now I feel inspired and ready to launch into it."  Beverly Hutchison, NSW


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