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“Some things are best self-managed - like your health."

Detoxification and dietary healing therapies are essentially self-management programs which require adequate knowledge of the therapy and practical skills for symptom management for a successful outcome. Kathryn offers a range of self-management training programs for both the professional and public sectors. The courses range from one or two-day workshops to five-day seminars.

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If you require greater hands-on skills for either managing your own program of that of your patients then choose a workshop that suits you.


§          Restore your body’s self-healing capacity

§          Self-manage your program and your healing journey

§          Understand your condition

§          Make informed decisions on treatment/s that will give you the best outcome

§          Reduce drug and/or product dependency



Expert Patient Workshops in Detoxification and Dietary Healing

§          One-day workshop: learn all you need to set up and manage your own healing program ($130.00)      

§          Two-day workshop: an in-depth approach to dietary healing, individual case analysis and management, setting up your own program ($275.00)

§          Dietary Healing for the Expert Patient with cancer: learn the practical aspects of managing the therapy at home and how to select the best treatment options for your case  ($175.00)

§          Five-day workshop (coming soon)



Why Attend a Workshop?

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