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Below you will find a list of resources mainly in Australia. Where it is not possible to source specific items in this country, then suppliers from overseas are listed. If you find an additional outlet or suitable product, please let me know.

Gerson Therapy patients regularly import their medications. These medications have been approved by AQIS. However, sometimes customs will erroneously send the medications to quarantine where they can be held  for weeks. Under these circumstances it is important that you can communicate with Customs and AQIS to facilitate the release of your medications.

Access the following page so that you understand your rights:

If possible, ask your supplier/exporter to place in your package a statutory declaration stating that the products are for personal use only,  less than 3 months supply, and have been commercially prepared and packaged.This will inform the custom’s officer of the conditions upon individual ordering. This should facilitate clearance by customs. It is recommended that you order needles and syringes locally as parcels containing these items may be held up for long periods. It is also recommended that the value of goods per parcel is below AU$250.00 (approx US$125.00) as this also indicates personal rather than commercial use. If necessary, instruct your supplier to send as multiple parcels. 


Enema Equipment

Any pharmacy which stocks surgical supplies:
 SurgiPack Douche Can Kit, 1L 


 Indoplas nelaton catheter FG16      
 2L enema kit            
 (disposable – can be used more than once and good for traveling)

@ $0.75
@ $5.00

Budget Surgical   PO Box 156, Botany, NSW 2019
Tel: 02 97001488
 Douche Can Kit, 2L 
 Travel Douche  
 Nelaton Catheter size FG16                                  


@  $39.00
@  $20.00
@   $ 1.80

Inner Glow Health Products, 110 Goodwin St, Tewantin, QLD, 4565
Phone: 07 5449 0600  Fax: 07 5449 0900
 Douche Can 2L with silicone catheter    
 Silicone catheter                              


@  $55.00
@  $22.00

Available from STATSA, Mexico 
fax 0015  52 664 680 2529:  tel:  0018  52 664 680 1103 - will accept bankers draft, no credit.
 Enema Bucket  
 Enema Tube



Vegetable Juicing Equipment

Champion Distributor for Australia:
Don Anderson  08 8752 1647
Mark Heard  08 8388 2210
Champion Juicers

Inner Glow Health Products, 110 Goodwin St, Tewantin, QLD, 4565
Phone: 07 5449 0600  Fax: 07 5449 0900
 Champion Juicer       
 K&K Grinder        
 K&K Press  
 Juice Bags  x5    


@$   570.00
@$   990.00
@$     58.30

K&K Press and Shredder (grinder)
Phone:   0011 1 707 928 5970
Norwalk Juicer
Phone:   0011 1 858 755 8423


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Water Purification

Tel:   1800 150 102
Address:  PO Box 36, Alexandria NSW 2015
Range of distillers
 Polar Bear Bench top unit (family size) manual (26-M)  
 Polar Bear Automated unit (26-CT)    
 Pure Magic (portable) suitable for single person  
 Water Wizard (portable)  suitable for single person  
 Shower wise filters for bath and/or shower    (includes massage shower head)
 Replacement cartridge (lasts 1 year)    



@ $1,850.00
@ $2,499.00
@ $   799.00 
@ $   525.00
@ $   149.00
@ $     39.00

Tel:   1300 36 36 56
Address: 15 Lisgar St.,  Virginia QLD 4041
 Shower filter only (arm and head not included)    
 Replacement cartridge  (lasts 1-2 years)    



@ $    65.95
@ $    44.00

Tel: 02 9318 1820; Fax: 02 8399 0022
 Ultima mini Classic water distiller
 Ultima midi Classic water distiller (automated unit)  




The most reasonably priced waterless cookware is the Camelot Temp-Tone range.
Their 18 piece cookware set is priced at @$1,647.15 (discounts may apply) and this includes the saucepans listed below, a 5.7L Dutch Oven and high dome lid($402.95) plus casserole insert and egg poacher cups with rack.

Tel: 02 9638 6244

 0.95L  saucepan with cover    
 1.9L    saucepan with cover    
 2.85L  saucepan with cover 
 Large skillet with cover          

@$ 185.95 
@$ 229.95
@$ 265.95
@$ 371.95


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Personal Products

 EnviroCare (the same company as EnviroClean)
Of their range the “Sensitive Hair and Body Cleanser” is an acceptable body wash and shampoo. It is a potassium-based castile soap that contains no chemicals or perfumes.

Their Calendula toothpaste contains no peppermint oil, sodium bicarbonate or fluoride and is suitable for the Gerson patient.

 Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
These are pure castile soaps suitable for body wash and shampoo. Choose from the Hemp and Aloe Vera, Hemp and Almond Oil and Hemp and Tea Tree soaps.

 House of Mistry
This company produces organic shampoos, moisturizers, soaps – some of which are suitable for use on the Gerson Therapy. Visit their web-site for more details.

Hair dyes, perfumes, makeup, lipsticks and deodorant/antiperspirants are not permitted on the therapy. Internal sanitary protection, such as tampons, are also not allowed.

Home Cleaning Products

Go to the ENJO web-site for details on their cleaning products

EnviroClean    (08) 9248 4688
These products are available throughout Australia through many retailers. They are free from petrochemicals, chlorine, sodium laurel sulphate, DEA, diazolidinyl urea, coal tar, glycol, formaldehyde, caustics and phosphates. Their range includes:
 Laundry powder and pre-soaker
 Laundry liquid
 Dish wash
 Vigor – all purpose cleaner
 Oven and Barbecue Cleaner
 Dishwasher Powder

Ecover Products available from Golden Glow
Tel:   1300 36 36 56
 Natural Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser is an excellent product
 Natural Insect Repellent Strips

Hydrogen peroxide 35% x 800ml is available upon request. Dilute to a 3% solution and spray as a disinfectant on bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

Bi-carb of Soda – useful as a cleaning agent in the bathroom and kitchen. Gerson patients should wear rubber gloves if using this product.

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Books, CDs, Video Tapes

Inner Glow Health Products, 110 Goodwin St, Tewantin, QLD, 4565
Phone: 07 5449 0600  Fax: 07 5449 0900

 A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases,  Max Gerson
 The Gerson Therapy Handbook          
 The Gerson Therapy, Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker    
 Healing Incurable Illness, Vol 1 ,2 and 3 (set of 4 Video tapes with Charlotte Gerson - $  39.00 each)
$  47.00
$  47.00
$  47.00


Kathryn Alexander  PO Box 259, Maleny, QLD 4552
Phone: 0414 702 520  or 07 5435 8138
Order on-line from this site

 The Principles of Detoxification, a double audio CD (2hrs) $ 33.00 


Organic Produce

Try the following web-sites for details of organic retailers in your area.  
or phone (02) 9365 7668 for their Organics Directory

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the following organizations that may be able to help you with lists of retailers and/or growers in your area.
 National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA):  (08) 8370 8455
 Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA): (07) 4639 3755
 Organic Herb Growers of Australia (OHGA)  (02) 6622 0100
 Organic Retailers and Growers Association of Australia (ORGAA)  (03) 9737 9799
 Organic Food Chain (OFC)   (07) 4637 2600

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Quest for Health: 1300 79 79 89
 Dr. Vera’s CoQ10 90 mg

Inner Glow Health Products, 110 Goodwin St, Tewantin, QLD, 4565
Phone: 07 5449 0600  Fax: 07 5449 0900
 Potassium compound salts (equal mixture of potassium acetate, potassium monophospate and potassium gluconate salts) -) - available in 1 kg  @$88.00
 Lugol's half-strength: 50mls  $14.25; 100mls  $22.65
 Castor oil: 946mls $32.60; 3.79L  $118.00 (smaller bottles are available) 

Newton's pharmacy:  02 9267 7889
 Lugol’s ½ strength solution
 Potassium compound salts (equal mixture of potassium acetate, potassium monophospate and potassium gluconate salts) -) - available in 1 kg
 Organic Chamomile tea @ $44.00/kg
 Ascorbic Acid Powder

Paradise Gold organic coffee: 1800 600 654
 Order their 2.5kg packs of medium roast ground coffee @$22.00/kg

Living Valley Springs: 07 5485 4344
Select Botanicals: 02
 Green Clay

Richard Stenlake:  02 9387 3205
 Thyroid x 1 grain (you will require a GPs prescription for this product in Australia)

Hardware St Pharmacy 03 9670 2882  Fax 03 9670 9615
399 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, 3000
§ Natural Thyroid
NTP Health Products: 02 4997 2530; Fax 02 4997 0199
PO Box 34, Tea Gardens, NSW 2324
 Palma Christie Castor Oil
 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide
 Essiac Tea Blend 
 Syringes, slip style, 5ml (disposable)     
 Needles 21 gauge and 25 gauge 
 Alcohol swabs x 200     

Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Flaxseed Oil 
Stoney Creek Oil Products 03 5463 2340 Fax 03 5463 2553   
145 Davies Road, Talbot, VIC 3371 
(You may order 12 months supply and it will keep in the freezer). 

Castor oil $9.90/litre or $44 for 5 litres; order online at

Grapefruit Seed Extract 
(07) 5494 0788
Order the liquid extract

Organic Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly Products  08 9407 5577
(Enquire for local outlet of Organic Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly products)
Tulip Honey Company,  
1890 Wanneroo Road
Western Australia 6031

 Flaxseed oil – any reputable health shop (cold pressed/organic)
 Castile soap – health shop
 Castor oil – pharmacy (if doing castor oil treatment) the castor oil is at
 Essiac Tea – health shop

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Available from (will accept credit card)
0011 44 870 151 4144

 Thyroid x 1 grain caps x 100
 Laetrile ampules and tablets 500mg

Available from STATSA
fax 0015 52 664 680 2529:  tel:  0018 52 664 680 1103 - will accept bankers draft, no credit. All items for the program are available from STATSA, however payment may be difficult and shipping can pose a problem from Mexico.
 Thyroid: 1/2 or 1 grain tablets
 crude liver injection
 B12 injection 1,000 mcg – 1 x 30cc bottle
 Laetrile ampules
 Laetrile tablets 500mg

Although you can get enema buckets (Budget Surgical or Surgi Pack Douche Can kit) in Australia, STATSA also supply enema administration buckets, along with a connector and the enema tube.

Available from Cyto-pharma
Fax: 0015 52 664 630 5847   Tel: 0018 52 664 630 5954

 Laetrile (oral and ampules)

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Available from ISHI: e-mail: accept credit transactions).
When ordering please fax request to 0015 1 619 428 6095  or tel: 0011 1 619 428 6085.
Contact at ISHI is Ana Maria Orozco.
All items for the program are available from here including the B12 injection, crude liver and thyroid medications - no prescription required! This is the best place to order from, and I would recommended obtaining all your medication supplies from here (other than needles and syringes).

vailable from The Key Company:  (will accept credit transactions)
0011 1 314 965 6699
 potassium compound salts, 3 mix  x 100g bottles 
 pancreatin 325mg x 1,000 tabs
 Pancreatin 1,200mg  x 1,000 tabs
 Niacin 50mg  x 1,000 tabs (must not be complexed with calcium)
 Acidoll-pepsin capsules (100 or 1,000 caps in each bottle)
 Dessicated liver caps x 500mg (1,000 caps)
 Ox bile powder
 B12 injection 1,000 mcg – 1 x 30cc bottle (you need a prescription for this)

Available from Life Support:  
tel: 0011 1 209 572 2393; fax 0015 1 209 572 3922 (do not accept credit)
 potassium compound salts, 100g bottles 
 pancreatin 325mg x 1,000 tabs
 Pancreatin 1,200mg
 Niacin 50mg  x 1,000 tabs (must not be complexed with calcium)
 Acidoll-pepsin capsules (100 caps in each bottle)
 Dessicated liver caps x 500mg (1,000 caps)
 Ox bile powder
 Potassium gluconate

If you are on the program for cancer, then your three month basic supply will include:
(I would recommend that you source these products from ISHI as obtaining from the single supplier will facilitate your task!)

 12 x 100g bottles potassium compound salts 
 1 pancreatin 325mg x 1,000 tabs (some clients will be requested to order Pancreatin 1,200mg - check your schedule).
 1 bottle niacin 50mg  x 1,000 tabs (must not be complexed with calcium)
 500 caps acidoll-pepsin capsules
 1 bottle dessicated liver caps x 500mg (1,000 caps)
 1 bottle thyroid x 1/2 grain pr 1 grain tablets x 1,000 tabs
 crude liver injection – quantity 27 x 10cc bottles
 B12 injection 1,000 mcg – 1 x 30cc bottle
 ox-bile powder (if doing castor oil enemas)
 syringes – 90 x 3cc with 22 or 23 gauge needles x 1 inch
 needles – 90 x 25 gauge x 1.5 inch


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