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How Long Does the Treatment take?

For cancer patients this program takes at least two years, in some patients this may be a little longer. It is important to remember that although you may see a remission of the cancer on this therapy, it takes longer to completely restore the body. It is only when we have total restoration of the tissues that we can be confident there will be no recurrence of the cancer.  

Chronic Degenerative Disease
Many people experience remission of symptoms within a short time frame (1-3 months). The diet supports the healing and the time required to rebuild damaged tissues, will determine how long you need to apply the therapy. Some people may find that their body needs this continued dietary support indefinitely and will go on to adopt the basic principles for life. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Weekly Budget
 Medications                                                                 @ $  75- $150 per week
 Food                                                                            @ $150 -$200 per week
 Organic Coffee (875g/week)                                       @ $  20
Total            @  $250 - $370 per week 

(This amount can be reduced if you grow some of your own food).

Equipment Budget
 Juicing equipment                                    @ $1,560 - $5,500 (Champion Juicer  $570.00
                                                                                               + K and K press $990.00)
 Distiller                                                    @  $ 800 - $2,000
 Cookware                                                @  $ 800  (2 pans)
 Enema bucket                                         @     $30- $50

Total               @ $3,190 - $9,000

(You do not require the most expensive equipment, for example the Champion Juicer and K&K press will do just as good a job as the Norwalk juicer)

Reading Material Budget

 A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases, Max Gerson           $  47.00
 The Gerson Therapy Handbook                                              $  47.00
 The Gerson Therapy, Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker   $  47.00
 Healing Incurable Illness, Vol 1 ,2 and 3                                $156.00
   (Video tapes, Charlotte Gerson)
 The Principles of Detoxification - Kathryn Alexander               $  33.00
    (Double audio CD)

Total                 $330.00



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Do I need the permission of my GP or Specialist?

No, you do not need anyone’s permission to embark on this nutritional healing program. However, if you are under the supervision of a GP or a Specialist, and receiving treatment or medication, it is recommended that you advise your practitioner of your intention to follow this program.

Nowadays many health professionals are much more open to alternative methods of treatment, and although many may not endorse such programs, they do not tend to actively discourage you from trying to improve your situation through natural means. It is important to maintain an understanding relationship with your specialist as each therapy/mode of treatment has its own merit and it is important not to discount any help or advice that may be offered by your GP or specialist. It is recommended that you do not stop any medications currently prescribed without the guidance of your health practitioner.

Do I need medical supervision?

It is recommended that this therapy is done under the supervision of a physician experienced with the process. It is not a straightforward therapy as medical conditions, which can prove life-threatening, can arise while on the therapy. Furthermore the therapy can be dangerous when applied incorrectly. Modifications are required throughout the therapy in response to progress and therefore ongoing medical and diagnostic follow-up is essential.

Although many people have successfully treated themselves on this program, it can be easy to make mistakes and make inappropriate decisions at critical times of the program. It is particularly important that medication doses are appropriate for each case. At times it is important to draw on the expertise of a professional in order to gain insight and confidence in the therapy, to have questions answered and seek explanations and direction for assistance on a sometimes difficult journey.    

If you feel that you wish to do the therapy on your own, then try to contact a doctor or medical specialist who can help you through it. If you are currently undergoing treatment or have been prescribed medical drugs, it is recommended that you let your practitioner know your intentions and that you do not cease any treatments unless under medical guidance.

Will I need practical help?

Yes – I would strongly advise that you don’t attempt this rigorous time-table on your own. It is a 13-16 hour a day schedule, over a two year period. At times you may not feel well or able to cope with the therapy. So we would recommend that you call in help from your family and friends (a rota system is a good idea) and if funds will allow, employ someone for a couple of hours a day to prepare all the vegetables for juicing and for meal preparation and better still, take over some of the household chores. You will need to rest as the body cannot heal unless we provide it with adequate rest and sleep.

Does it work?

People seek alternative practices because of the existence of real recoveries. In the scientific arena these anecdotal cases do not represent scientific proof of the efficacy of any one therapy. In order to establish efficacy of treatment following conventional guidelines, it is necessary to undertake randomized clinical trials (RCTs). However, non-conventional treatments cannot be tested in this way as they do not conform to the monofactorial criteria – one treatment, one outcome. For example, in an holistic treatment, a biological metabolic approach is often fundamental to the treatment upon which adjunctive therapies may be added. This synergistic approach is critical to overall healing and the effect of each cannot be separated from the whole. Similarly best case reviews do not conform to the accepted conventional criteria.

Therefore as no randomized trials have ever been done on non-conventional treatments, there are no statistics available.

However, it must be remembered that there are no treatments for cancer, either conventional or unconventional, that have a uniform track record. A “cure” in conventional terms indicates a five year survival. At the current time 1.3 US citizens die each minute from cancer (at an estimated cost of US$80,000 per person), and a further 2 citizens will be diagnosed each minute. In conventional treatment the cure rate is dismal.

It is interesting to note that the FDA no longer require RCTs for anti-cancer drugs and that the vast majority of conventional therapies in scientific medicine have never met the criteria for RCTs. Quite simply, conventional science ignores the numbers of cured people and dismisses as unscientific all that have not been subjected to RCTs. Clearly a double standard exists, data is suppressed and opinions become based on prejudice and not science. This human suffering is compounded when patients are actively inhibited from seeking other treatments, when no integration of non-conventional treatment is offered when conventional treatment has been seen not to work, and patients have to either resort to going “underground”, traveling abroad or go without.

So does this program work?
The criteria for success remains the same whether you are applying conventional or non-conventional treatments. In cancer, the tumoural mass, extent of spread (metastases), the longer the patient has had the disease, and if the patient has been subject to chemotherapy – may all be negative indicators. In any healing therapy the resistance of the body must be brought to a point where it is greater than the resistance of the disease. If this can be achieved then the body can heal itself.

You may wish to look at the following web-sites for more information on these methods of dietary healing.

 "Five-Year Survival Rates of Melanoma Patients Treated by Diet Therapy After the Manner of Gerson: A Retrospective Review"  Gar and Christine Hildenbrand 

 Hildenbrand, G.: "How the Gerson Therapy Heals."

 Ward, Patricia Spain, Dr.: A History of the Gerson Therapy.    



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The author wishes to state that she has no association with the trade marks "Gerson" or "Gerson Therapy" or with the Gerson Institute





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