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If you have been diagnosed with cancer or have a long-standing degenerative disease, then stronger measures are generally required to reverse the disease process. Under these circumstances successful treatment depends upon a more thorough detoxification and stringent dietary healing program. By the time chronic symptoms manifest we are dealing with a greater toxic burden and a deeply eroded nutritional status. The general vitality will be reduced and the liver more impaired which can make detoxification and healing more difficult to achieve. A specific dietary protocol is required that ensures reduction of the toxic burden and replenishment of the tissues.  To find out more about the dietary healing program click here  About the Therapy


Why Choose Diet?

The integrity and resistance of the body is dependent upon the diet. What you eat (or digest) today, becomes the cells of tomorrow. Therefore restoring our structure requires adequate amounts of good quality building blocks. It is not so different to the farmer who wishes to restore his soil, its structure weakened through successive chemical treatments (fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides) and no longer able to support healthy crop growth. He will start to rebuild the land by adding organic matter, and planting crops which fix nitrogen (legumes) and detoxify the soil (root crops). It is an active process requiring hard work. Eventually, after several years the land is purged of toxicity and vibrant with life. So it is with the human body; to build integrity and resistance requires commitment and effort over a long period of time; and the deeper the disease, the greater the requirement. 


What Does the Treatment Entail?

The treatment involves a specific dietary regime that is designed to maximize the detoxification potential of the body from the cells to the liver; vegetable juicing; the use of enemas to support liver detoxification; and specific medications.I have prepared a free PDF file for you to download and print out “Dietary Healing: a Simple Reference/Resource Guide for those with Chronic Degenerative Disease or Cancer” which will give an overview of the treatment.


How Long Does it Take?

3 factors are important:

             the length of time you have had the disease

             the spread/existing damage

             treatment received to date


Positive indicators (shorter treatment time) are obviously if you apply the treatment sooner rather than later. Negative indicators will include the extent of spread/damage and the degree of chemical exposure (environmental and medical drugs).  I can only offer a general guideline below:



For cancer patients the program takes at least two years, in some patients this may be a little longer. It is important to remember that although you may see a remission of the cancer on this program, it takes longer to completely restore the body. It is only when we have total restoration of the tissues that we can be confident there will be no recurrence of the disease.  


Chronic Degenerative Disease

Many people experience remission of symptoms within a short time frame (1-3 months). The diet supports the healing, but time required to rebuild damaged tissues will determine how long you need to apply the therapy. Some people may find that their body needs this continued dietary support indefinitely and will go on to adopt the basic principles for life. 


How Much Does it Cost?

The weekly budget for food and basic medications will be A$200.00 – A$350.00 depending on your level of treatment. There will be an additional cost for appropriate juicing and water purification equipment, and if you decide to seek professional help then the cost of consultations.


Do I need supervision?

It is recommended that you seek advice from a licensed professional, qualified in dietary healing and detoxification practices, before you embark on this protocol. The information provided on this web-site simply provides an overview into the dietary healing protocol. Dietary healing in chronic degenerative disease and cancer may be fraught with difficulties for the patient and can be dangerous when applied incorrectly. Modifications may be required throughout the therapy depending on the progress of the patient, and therefore ongoing medical and diagnostic follow-up is essential.


Where can I get treatment?

The Baja Nutri Care Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico, is the best clinic world-wide offering a detoxification/dietary based treatment for cancer. Here you will be put on your program and cared for by the most experienced doctors (Drs Melendez and Bravo) in this field. Unlike many hospitals, they offer long-term care and guidance with follow-up consultations when you return home.  Either contact the hospital direct on: 0018 52 664 6318534 or 0018 52 664 6318535; or contact Aleyda Hoskins on: 0011 1 619 2977885  or 0011 1 619 2978141 (fax).

Where to from here? 

Download your free PDF document “Dietary Healing: a Simple Reference/Resource Guide"

Click on the drop down menu at the side under the Cancer/CDD heading, or click on the links below, and read the information on these pages

Go to Self-management Progams to find out about my two-day workshops for people with cancer or chronic degenerative disease

Go to the Events page to find out when the next workshop is for you; or

E-mail me for further information 

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Click here for details on the two-day workshop. A dietary healing program is essentially a self-management program and it is therefore important that the patient understands as much of the protocol before embarking on the regime. These workshops have been designed to help you self-manage your program.


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