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Kathryn Alexander is one of the leading experts in detoxification and dietary healing with seventeen years experience in this field. Through her writing, practical workshops and teaching seminars, Kathryn's message is one of self-empowerment to those who seek a method of holistic healing based on track record. Kathryn has lectured widely in the USA, Europe and Australia and is the author of several publications.

Kathryn qualified as a Dietary Therapist in 1987 after completing her studies at the College of Dietary Therapy, London. She trained under Dr. Lawrence Plaskett and Barbara Wren whose unique course, while covering the traditional approach to nutritional therapy also encompassed holistic principles of diet and healing. The course also offered valuable insight into the principles of homeopathy and Chinese medicine.

Since qualifying, Kathryn set up her own busy practice and was the nutritional therapist at the Dolphin Clinic in Brighton, UK which pioneered the use of natural therapies specifically modified for children on a charitable basis.

Subsequently, Kathryn was invited to run courses for various groups including mothers, natural practitioners, mid-wives and local education authorities. She went on to create a number of papers which became extremely popular and through demand was encouraged to write her first book "Get a Life, the Detoxification Diet made Easy!"

Since moving to Australia in 1996 Kathryn took up a teaching position at the South Australian College of Natural and Traditional Medicine, Adelaide. Her teachings generated the need for her own independent course for students and practitioners of a wide range of medical and alternative disciplines which was designed to supplement their existing knowledge.

Kathryn went on to train at the Gerson Institute, USA in 1998/99 to further her studies. In 1999 Kathryn was asked to serve on the Board of Directors to the Gerson Institute with responsibilities for Research and Development, Practitioner Curriculum Development and has been involved in practitioner training with Charlotte Gerson both in the USA and the UK. Kathryn subsequently wrote a Patient Management Handbook for practitioners wishing to use a dietary healing protocol as the primary treatment for chronic degenerative disease and cancer. She has also published a double audio CD, "The Principles of Detoxification" to further assist those who wish to self-manage their own dietary healing.

Kathryn is living in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, but travels throughout Australia lecturing and holding self-managment workshops on detoxification and dietary healing. These courses have been well received by both professional and public sectors, with positive feedback from many participants who now not only have the confidence to manage their own health, but have experienced the far-reaching benefits that this brings. In addition, her postal consultations, for those who cannot travel to see her, have proved immensely popular and beneficial.

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